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Vote for Food Equity, Food Justice and School Food this Election

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Election season is here, and the stakes are high. Your elected officials make decisions that affect students’ well-being—in and out of the cafeteria. That means you have a say in shaping kids’ access to food in your community.

I am grateful to the folks at FoodCorps who have created this amazing Voter Guide to learn about the policies that affect kids’ health and ask your candidates about their positions on the issues.

Together, we can build an equitable, resilient school food system that nourishes every child, regardless of race, place, or class.

Read more about their vision for policy change here.

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19. Okt. 2020

The link above wasn't correct. Here is the voter guide: Thanks for the reminder about food policy!

Gefällt mir
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