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NY Organizational Sign Off for Free School Meals!

Hunger Solutions New York, in partnership with other children’s advocacy groups, is circulating a sign-on letter in support of free school meals for all students nationwide. I wanted to be sure to flag this for you all to both sign on to the letter and encourage you to share with your partners.

This letter is addressed to Senator Schumer to encourage the White House to include free school meals to all students nationwide as a key strategy to President Biden’s plan to “build back better”. As we move to recovery, we have the opportunity to ensure that all students are hunger-free and ready to learn. This year’s infrastructure bill provides the perfect opportunity for Healthy School Meals for All Students. America’s infrastructure does not just include roads and bridges; it also includes our food distribution system and how nutritious food gets to those who need it. We also feel like this is an excellent opportunity to show Senator Schumer the strength of support from NY organizations for healthy school meals for all students nationwide.

We were pleased to see the Senator Gillibrand included comments about free meals for all students in her remarks during the Full Committee Hearing on CNR. Now, we are working this end for Senate leadership to echo this same ask with White House leadership.

The deadline to sign on is Friday, April 9:

Thank you!


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