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Sample Letter Here! Write a letter to your Council Member today!

First, find your city council member here:

Now send this letter:

Dear Councilmember X

I am writing to you today because our kids are in crisis. 1 in 5 kindergarten children in New York City is obese and the rates of childhood Type-2 Diabetes and hypertension are higher than ever before.

I know that this city has many pressing problems from affordable housing to the MTA, but if we don’t put the health of our children first, then we are dooming another generation to disease and feeding the health crisis that is already costing us $200 billion annually in this nation. That’s why I am asking you to put the health of our kids first and to make changing public school food in New York City a priority for you.

There are several steps you can take right now to show your support of our kids:

You can vote to support Res. 238, a ban on processed meats in school food. You can vote in favor of Res 379, which would declare Meatless Monday in school menus, and you can vote to support Intro 1283 which creates a nutrition education reporting requirement for all DOE public schools so that we can understand the level of inequity in nutrition education across the city.

We finally believe that creating a Wellness Coordinator at every school would erase inequity and ensure every school has a full suite of Wellness Programming that includes nutrition, PE, gardens, and mental health resources.

The Office of School Food and Nutrition Services feeds nearly 900,000 children every day. We have the chance to make a difference in every one of their lives, in the way they live and how long they will live. Shouldn’t we start now?



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