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News and Updates: Sunflower Butter and More School-based Food & Nutrition Education Now Available

Hi team,

Just a short update.

Sunflower Butter

First, want to ensure everyone knows that Office of Food and Nutrition Services (OFNS) is now offering Sunflower Butter and Jelly Sandwiches instead of peanut butter. All you have to do is contact your School Food Manager and request it. If you don't know your school food manager, find yours here.

Food & Nutrition Education Opportunity with Common Threads

Common Threads, a nonprofit organization that provides hands-on cooking and nutrition education to children, parents, and teachers in under-resourced communities, just announced a five-year expansion within Kings and Richmond counties focused on improving wellness for children and addressing food insecurity through a series of nutrition evaluation programs. The nonprofit was recently awarded a $4 million United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Services SNAP-Ed Program grant to expand its programming in New York City through 2024.

The SNAP-Ed grant allows for a variety of programs intended for children, educators, and parents from Richmond and Kings counties, including Small Bites nutrition education lessons, grocery store tours, parent workshops, healthy teacher training, and a variety of community events.

To learn more and to see if your school is eligible for programming through Common Threads, please email:

I am attaching a scan of the flyer sent around (Thanks to Ayanna Beyin for sharing this!)


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