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More calls to action.

There's an upstate congressman who is lobbying NYC on behalf of dairy businesses to keep chocolate milk in our schools. I believe in supporting our dairy farmers but not at the expense of our children's health.

He wrote a letter to the NYC mayor, and he's publicizing his lobbying efforts online.

He represents towns like Utica and Binghamton, and not you or your children. 

His name is Anthony Brindisi.

He explained his motivation very clearly to the NY Post: "[NYC] is a very large school system. This is a time when dairy farmers are already struggling and facing a lot of uncertainty.”

If you you think it's wrong that this politician is lobbying for farmers' business models over your children's health, you should call his office and let him know.

Call Congressman Anthony Brindisi

(1) You can call any one of his three offices, or better yet, all three:

Washington: (202) 225-3665

Binghamton: (607) 242-0200

Utica: (315) 732-0713

(2) Keep it polite, and concise. 

Tell them you're calling about the congressman's lobbying in favor of NYC keeping chocolate milk in schools. Tell him you disagree with his position.You might note: 40% of kids in NYC schools are overweight or obese.It's gross that he's advocating against your children's health.There's an organized group of NYC parents who are watching.

Will this really matter?

Maybe. Every congress member has staff who answer their phones, and will listen to your feedback on any issue. They do actually take note of calls received on issues, and if there's a notable spike in calls about a particular issue it does get passed up the ladder.

This congress member is not a rock star. If he gets 5 or 10 calls in a day on a certain issue, it's going to be noticeable. So if you disagree with his position here, it's worth taking two minutes to call him today:

Call Congressman Anthony Brindisi: Washington: (202) 225-3665

Binghamton: (607) 242-0200

Utica: (315) 732-0713

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