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Meeting Barbara Turk, Mayor's Director of Food Policy

Barbara is amazing and hugely supportive of our work. We spent a lot of time just getting to know each other and she listened and was excited to hear our ideas about school food. She is open to helping us and supporting us, and I view this as more of a get-to-know-you meeting and the first of many meetings.

She said the city is now going through an evaluation by Good Food Purchasing and that a report and scorecard will be out by end of the ye

ar with an action plan. This is basically an evaluation of all DOE food procurement that looks at whether the foods DOE is purchasing meets the following five factors: nutrition, animal welfare, sustainability, fair labor, and impact on local economy. That should give OFNS a good starting point and an action plan for improvement. It also creates incentives for large scale food producers to create products that meet that GFP standards so in that regard it can filter through the industrialized food chain as well.

She did suggest that I meet with Ursalina Ramirez, who is the COO at DOE and a Deputy Chancellor and will facilitate and introduction.

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