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Lobby Day — Sign Up Now!

In anticipation of the annual City Council budget and legislative positions, we have set up several meetings with City Council Members for February 27th and March 3rd, advocating for the following:

  • Scratch-Cooking: support for Intro 1676, the Scratch-Cooking Implementation Bill which would require the DOE develop a budget and timeline for making scratch cooking available to all students. (including cost of building or renovating kitchens and up-training staff)

  • Longer Lunch Times: Require the Comptroller’s Office to audit the amount of time that students have for lunch in elementary, middle and high school; and require the DOE to include a minimum of "20 minutes of seated lunchtime" in the city's School Wellness Policy

  • Funding for Water Jets in all schools

If you can attend a meeting and advocate with us in person, please fill out this form.

If you would like to invite the NYC Healthy School Food Alliance to speak at your PTA meeting or CEC, please email

Thank you!


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