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Bring nutrition education to your school today!

You can bring a nutrition program to your school! Some are free (some are not) but check out this list of programs!

Allergic to Salad is a provider of standards-based STEM- and CORE- culinary education. We work to increase life skills through hands-on learning of knife-skills, culinary technique, safety, increase self-esteem, self-reliance, self-confidence, spark imagination, creativity and increase healthy eating habits and nutrition curiosity.

Coalition for Healthy School Food promotes plant-based food in schools by providing nutrition education to students, teachers, parents and cafeteria staff, while also assisting schools in the transition to a vegetarian lunch menu.

Edible Schoolyard NYC offers free professional development workshops and curriculum to teachers looking to cultivate healthy students through hands-on lessons growing and cooking food.

Family Cook Productions brings people of all ages together around delicious, affordable, fresh food to positively impact health & well-being. Our evidence-based and field-tested curricula has been replicated in over 300 sites across 30+ states, influencing over 310,000 youth and adults nationwide.

Fan4Kids tackles the overwhelming issue of childhood obesity by offering an instructor led academic year-round fitness and nutrition program and structured recess to elementary school children as well as provide parent workshops, family fitness days, wellness committees/school wellness policy change assistance and bodega healthy food promotion.

FEAST (Food Education Access Support Together) provides wellness programs for parents and caretakers that combine food education and access to healthy, whole foods in an environment of group support, so that together, families can lead healthier lives.

The Healthy Children/Healthy Schools program helps schools provide more opportunities for students to get physical activity, eat healthy and create overall wellness. It aims to promote healthy and equitable school environments.

The Humane Education program educates students about our modern food system, while also bringing students face-to-face with farm animals through virtual reality experience.

No Kid Hungry New York works to ensure that every child in New York has access to healthy food through advocacy, school-based meal programs, and food skills education.

NY Sun Works is a non-profit organization that builds innovative science labs that use hydroponic farming technology to educate students and teachers about the science of sustainability in urban schools.

Seeds in the Middle teaches how to grow, cook, and market fresh food; get fit; and engage in the arts - empowering students to sustainably create their own healthy places to live.

Teens for Food Justice works to ensure universal equitable access to healthy, fresh, affordable food, while training youth in 21st century hydroponic urban agricultural farming techniques, entrepreneurship, and health/nutrition education and advocacy, empowering them as change agents who can lead themselves and their own food insecure communities towards healthier futures.

The Monday Campaigns is a non-profit public health initiative associated with Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities that encourages everyone to use Monday as a day to reset and get on a healthier track. We offer free resources to implement our campaigns which address a variety of health behaviors: Meatless Monday, The Kids Cook Monday, Move It Monday and DeStress Monday.

More programs are listed in the NYC Food Policy Database: NYC Food Policy Center’s Directory:

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