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The First-Ever March for Healthy School Food was EPIC!

Thank you to everyone who managed to come out and march with us in our first-ever #MarchforHealthySchoolFood

It was an amazing day of inspiring words, passionate voices, and impactful speeches from advocates, parents, kids and elected officials. I was very moved and filled with hope! 

Here is a link to my speech and I will share other video as it comes out.

Also, here is one of the first stories on the March: 

I will share other press as it comes out.

Remember to sign our petition:

And to write to your elected officials -- we have sample letters on our resources page!


Tomorrow we send a letter to the Chancellor and The Mayor signed by many of our partners and elected officials reiterating our demands and asking for a meeting to develop a road map to change school food starting now. 

We are also demanding that they turn over the Good Food Purchasing Assessment to advocates and asking that we get some leadership in OFNS and the Mayor's office of food policy. 

The road is long and our work starts today. Together we can change the future and save the next generation from diet-related disease. 

Thank you all for your support today, and always! 


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