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Support Healthy School Meals Today!

From our partners at the Tisch Food Center's #FoodEd Coalition:

Support Healthy School Meals The Trump administration is threatening to open cafeteria doors to saltier, fattier processed foods, undermining students’ health. Allowing schools to serve more pizza and fries in place of the fruit and vegetables that food and nutrition education programs are working so hard to normalize sends a powerful, implicit message to students that these “sometimes foods” can be “everyday foods.”  Members of the Food Ed Coalition provide fun, hands-on experiences with food that make students more likely to choose healthy options at lunch. That’s why our Coalition is calling on New York lawmakers to stand up to the Trump Administration and oppose these harmful rollbacks.  Please show your support by sharing our most recent op-ed. Below are sample social media posts:

NYC has long been a leader in school nutrition. Let’s keep it that way. NY lawmakers, stand with the #FoodEdCoalition & oppose harmful school meal rollbacks.

3 out of 4 NYC public students come from low-income families. Many of these students get most of their meals at school, so meals need to be healthy. NY lawmakers, stand with the #FoodEdCoalition & oppose harmful school meal rollbacks.

Thank you!!!


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