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Our next Parent Action Meeting is February 12th

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Join us on Tuesday February 12th at 9am at Brooklyn Borough Hall's main conference room for an update on our advocacy and guest speakers Bill Telepan, Wellness in the Schools, Dan Giusti, Brigaid, and Council Woman Helen Rosenthal. Our agenda is pasted below:

NYC Healthy School Food Alliance

Parent Action Meeting

February 12th at Brooklyn Borough Hall


9:15-9:30: Andrea welcomes guests and gives update on advocacy work and next steps for parents.

Speaking with Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo and Speak Johnson about our overall food agenda and Wellness Coordinator roles and nutrition ed for all OFNS letter sent, no clear response Results of partner meeting at OFNS//School Food Working Groups Searching for a sponsor for a City Council Resolution Banning Chocolate Milk Need to organize one parent per district to do CEC meetings and PTA outreach Rafael Espinal running for Public Advocate; election is Feb 26th, his platform will put WITS in every school, plus meditation March 2nd 5-7pm information and advocacy night at The Dynamite Shop in Park Slope

9:30: Councilwoman Helen Rosenthal to update us on the legislation/initiatives she is pursuing around nutrition ed/school food.

9:45: Wellness in the Schools/Brigaid: Each chef will chat for 15 minutes about the work they are currently doing in schools and what they see your programs doing next year.

10:15am: Q&A


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