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Notes from Lobby Day 2020

We had a great day at City Council on Thursday February 27th and were able to meet with Council Members Ampry-Samuel, Inez Barron, Justin Brannan, Mark Treyger, and Donovan Richards. Thank you to Evelyn Ochman, Natalya Murakhver, Betty Feibusch for joining me at the meetings!

Here are the highlights!

SCRATCH COOKING: We gained a lot of support for Intro 1676, the Scratch Cooking Implementation Bill; CM Brannan signed on to the bill and we reviewed our requested edits with all council members.

LONGER LUNCH TIMES: Mark Treyger’s Office will submit a Resolution and Reporting Bill related to Longer Lunch Times for students in public schools.

GARDEN EDUCATION FOR ALL: Justin Brannan’s office submitted a legislative request for a Garden Education Task Force to be formed to assess how best to implement gardens and garden education in all public schools.

FOOD EDUCATION FOR ALL: CM Brannan will circulate a letter among City Council in support of Food Education for all for us to use when we lobby the state to add food education to the curriculum (this is a state issue, not city).

WATER JETS: We have submitted a budget request to close the gap on water jets in all schools.

What issues are important to you? Let me know! We will continue our work and keep you updated on new developments!

Thank you for your support!


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