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June 25th NYCHSFA Conference Call

We have a lot of momentum this week and I am very excited about how much we have accomplished since October when I first formed this Alliance. We have wonderful partners and a great community of parents and elected officials working with us to transform school food. 

I'd like to get a conference call on the calendar to see if we can plan out our next steps and next events. Some ideas that I have been considering: 

- Fall School Resource Fair at Brooklyn Borough Hall where all our wonderful nutrition, culinary and food-access related organizations can come and have a table and share their programs. We can also have a panel with a Q&A on best practices in terms of making your school a healthier place for kids -- food, environment, gardens, and more

- City Wide School Walk Out -- organizing a city-wide walk out where children all walk out of school for 10 minutes to bring attention to the health crisis and how the Office of Food and Nutrition Services continues to feed this crisis. 

- City Hall Day of Action and Advocacy - we go down to 250 Broadway and meet with council member after council member and share our platform

I want to hear your ideas and thoughts and I'd like to suggest a conference call for our next meeting because that seems to be the best way to get everyone together and we can take it from there.  

NYCHSFA Conference Call 

Tuesday June 25th 11am

Dial-in: (712) 775-7270 Access code: 146381


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