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How to Help in an Age of COVID-19

Hi everyone. I hope you and yours are staying well and socially distant.

I have been homeschooling my kids (ha!) while reporting on the COVID-19 crisis for Food & Wine. I have written two pieces that may be of use. The first is a collection of restaurant relief funds, and the second is a survey of many nonprofits and charities serving food to food insecure and COVID-vulnerable populations.

I want to take this time to commend the Office of Food and Nutrition Service who are working tirelessly to feed all 1.1 million children who are out of school. Hats off to Chris, Stephen and Nicole, and all of our school food personal in the trenches who are really akin to first responders in this crisis. Thank you!

Finally, I had the chance to write a story about the food that brings me comfort for Heated. Take a read. What are you cooking? What brings you comfort? Drop me a line!

We are all in this together. Take care of each other and stay well,



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