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Don't Miss "Generation Growth," the new documentary from Green Bronx Machine

One of the most dynamic, inspiring and wonderful humans working in the school garden space is Stephen Ritz, founder of the Green Bronx Machine, a fantastic program that works across America to bring a garden-based curriculum to low-income areas where health and educational outcomes are staggeringly low. Stephen is out to change that by implementing a curriculum that allows children to grow vegetables in their classrooms.

I met Stephen through the phenomenal Alexina Cather of the Hunter Food Policy Center when started my work in rethinking school food and since then I have become a huge fan of his work and have have written about him, most recently about his pioneering program to combat the Opioid Crisis in Appalachia with his garden-based model of learning and entrepreneurship.

Now, after two years of traveling across the country and working with scores of schools and hundreds of students, teachers and families, he is releasing the Green Bronx Machine documentary: GENERATION GROWTH. You will laugh, cry, jump for joy and be absolutely inspired!

Featuring schools from across America - rural and urban - and students at every age and ability level - GENERATION GROWTH highlights what is possible with the Green Bronx Machine Classroom Curriculum and a kind, caring, dedicated teacher and community. Please see the trailer below and find a link to join us at our World Premiere Fundraising Event.

Macquarie has been critical to Green Bronx Machine's growth and success, and the Macquarie Foundation will be generously and graciously matching all sponsored ticket sales for this event!

On October 24th at 7pm EST, join Stephen for a live premiere of the movie, with ticket sales ($55 and up) benefiting the Green Bronx Machine. He'll have special guests, be on hand to answer your questions, both before and after the film and will also be shouting out ALL of his Seedling and Harvest Sponsors — you can get involved and be recognized today! This will be a night to remember and I hope to see you there!


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