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Advocate Against Sugary Beverages in Schools

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Hi team. I hope you are all staying well and sane! I am writing with an important advocacy opportunity! The DOE is poised to spend $3 million on fruit juice contract and we can push back. I have written a post/testimony against this contract here and will submit this testimony to the Panel on Educational Policy (PEP) and this is an opportunity for all of us to raise our voices and share concerns on this contract as well. Feel free to use my testimony or edit it as you see fit.

Here are two ways to have your voice heard. First, you can email your testimony to all PEP members (emails below). Second, if you have time and inclination, you can also sign up to comment at the PEP meeting on July 15th at 6pm.

Here are further details on the PEP Committee Meetings:

On July 13, 11:30 am: PEP Contracts Committee meeting (which is streamed and archived) where all of the contracts on the agenda are reviewed with the DOE person in charge of procurement as well as the DOE experts affiliated with each agenda item. Members have an opportunity to ask the DOE experts questions and share thoughts and concerns.  If advocates have reached out to the PEP, it might come up in the discussion at this meeting. While anyone can watch the meeting, public comment is not available at this time.

July 15, 6 pm: PEP meeting. The contracts committee will make recommendations about the contracts based on what happened at the previous meeting.  Then there is a public comment period where anyone can address the contracts up for review.  After that portion of public comment, PEP members will vote on the various contracts. Sign up to testify here.

Here are all the email addresses of PEP members to email your testimony. Thank you!


Thank you!

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